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February Vessel Ministries Newsletter
Monthly Newsletter from Kathy Slamp Feb. 2010, Volumn 10, Issue 2
In This Issue
New Alaska Kids' Book
New Vessel Website
Alaska Cruisers' Dinner
Tribute to Trueline Taylor
Final Thoughts
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(This is David's website)
When Life Isn't Fair, God is!
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Life is not fair; that's an undeniable fact. We learn this very young when we feel that a sibling was favored above us. We learn it Day 1 of school when another kid gets the seat we want. We learn it in middle school when a friend gets the part in the school play that we're certain we deserve. We learn it in high school when someone else plays more in the big game than we do. We learn it when we plan for college and are aced out of a major scholarship that we just knew was ours, hands down.
And then real life begins. Sometimes our dreams are shattered by events completely out of our control. At other times our own poor decisions haunt us with crushed relationships, career disappointments, financial losses, and more. Perhaps a loved one is struck down by a catastrophic disease or a senseless tragedy. Life just isn't fair! And on and on life's story continues.
When we dwell and obsess on unfair circumstances, we quickly spiral downward into an endless cycle of despair, depression, and loneliness. David understood these feelings. Life wasn't always fair for him either. Some situations were out of his control; at other times, David just flat out messed up. His human words are refreshing: He rescued me from my powerful enemy, from my foes, who were too strong for me...the Lord was my support(Ps. 18:18-19). We can absolutely count God; He will absolutely never forsake us.
David continues: The Lord has dealt with me according to my righteousness, according to the cleanness of my hands he has rewarded me (Ps. 18:20). God knows? He is always fair; He will have the last word, and He will justify your life fairly. You bet! Life's not fair, but God is! We can rest in His ultimate fairness and unfailing love.
Taken from The Word in Real Time, By Kathy Slamp
New Alaska Kids' Book Just Released!
Rendezvous with MajestyFor years readers have asked for a pre-school, early reader Alaska book. I am not an artist, so this seemed unlikely. But, God directed me to Joan Coleman, a great artist. And in Jan. a dream became a reality! The book is GORGEOUS, and I believe little children will love it. A Picnic at the Glacier features Josh and Maddy who live in Juneau near the Mendenhall Glacier. On one day at the glacier, they experience a Mother black bear and her cubs, eagles fishing in a salmon choked river, pesky mosquitoes, and humpback whales! You may read more about it on the Alaska site. The week of Jan. 18 an announcement went about about this new book. You may purchase it through that special or right here at the intro. offer of FREE postage/handling.
Buy Now $10.95 with Free Shipping/Handling
New Website Launched the first Week of January
Rendezvous with MajestyFor several months we have been announcing that a brand newVessel website was in the works. On Sat., Jan. 2, 2010 this new site went on line at last. This social network is truly exciting, and I'm learning along with you! Since the site went on line, 207 individuals from over 40 different states, and even Central America, have joined. The site's ministry possiblities are endless. Just this week, for example, a member sent an urgent prayer request that I was able to get out to members instantly!
Thanks to those of you who have joined!
If you haven't joined yet, please do. Just click the link below, and then click "Sign Up." It takes less that 5 minutes. When sign up, please remember to post a picture so that other members will know who they are dialoguing with. I look forward to seeing more and more of you on the new site. You will also note a "Join our Mailing List" box to the left and a Forward Email link at the bottom of this letter; if you have friends you think will enjoy te monthlyVessel newsletter as well as the site, please list their names and emails. We will get in touch with them right away.
Sign up today: Vessel Ministries
Alaska Cruisers "Reunion" Dinner
Alaska Cruise CompanionsAK Cruise Companions & SpousesSince I have worked as an Alaska cruise naturalist,dozens have accompanied me as my weekly companion. Each companion is unique, and every single one has been great! On Jan. 14, I invited as many as could come to our home for the evening. In addition to David and me, eight cruisers, three spouses, and one adult son came, making 14 of us! Even though half of the kitchen fell on my head (you had to be there to understand), it was a great evening. We laughed a lot, and I took some ribbing for my indiosyncrasies. It was a beautiful time to get acquainted and share Alaska experiences. To close the evening, I asked my dear friend, Lynn (Goin) Epp, to share her journey since we first knew each other in college. Her story is one of 40 years wandering and God's unfailing redemption. Lynn's story is an encouragement for all of those "impossible situtations" in our lives. To my other summer cruise companions who live around the US and could not make it, you were missed.
Front Row: Jonalyn Fabrin, Shirley Schmidt, (Grants Pass, OR) K. Slamp, Peggy Atkinson. Back Row: Lynn Epp (Vallejo, CA), Linda Scofield, Mabel Knight, Patti Cavinder, Merilyn Thompson (Nampa, ID). All others are from the Medford area.
Spouses: David Slamp, John Epp, Doug Schmidt, Perry Atkinson.
A Tribute to my friend, Trueline (Latting) Taylor...
Trueline TaylorJust before Christmas 2009, my friend Trueline Taylor took that final step into the arms of Jesus. Trueline and her husband, Paul, were college friends. David stood up with Paul at their wedding, and six months later, Paul stood up with David. Trueline sang "The Lord's Prayer" with her angelic voice at our wedding. When we were all newlyweds, the four of us spent quite a bit of time together, enjoying our new found lives and loves! Even though our paths haven't crossed much since those college years, Trueline and Paul are the kind of friends that after years, we were able to pick up and go right on as if we had seen one another the day before. As the years pass and we grow older, Heaven becomes dearer and nearer with each new resident from this world. Trueline, I'll miss your loving heart, your contagious laugh, your sweet smile, and that angelic voice. The choir of heaven certainly got better with your arrival! No one will miss Trueline as much as Paul, their four children, and four grandchildren, but there are others of us who have an empty spot in our hearts these days as well. Trueline, friend of my youth: It's a promise: we'll meet again one day. With fond memories and love... (Posted with permission of Paul W. Taylor).
Final Thoughts...
Heritage Keepers Close-up
Dear Friends of Vessel Ministries
As we are all aware, these are challenging times. In March 2001 at the leading of the Holy Spirit, I "got out of the boat," resigned my public school position, and began traveling as a full time Christian speaker/author. It's been quite a journey into over 40 states and Cen. America! Like everything else, Christian speaking has been impacted greatly by the economy, yet the call I felt in 2001 is still on my life. Recently, Merilyn Thompson (a college friend who comes with a servant's heart, belief in the ministry, as well as valuable experience and skills) has begun working part time for Vessel; already God is rewarding her efforts. On Feb. 8, I will be meeting in Wichita, KS with the Vessel board. As you think of us, will you pray for God's guidance, creativity, and courage to walk through any door that He opens? Hitherto the Lord has led us...

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