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The Clinging Cross

The Clinging Cross

The Clinging Cross is one of the most effective and powerful ministry tools available today. Created by Jane Davis of Tidings of Love Ministry, thousands of these comforting crosses are in circulation around the world. Each cross comes in its own gift box with a comforting "Clinging Cross" poem. Presently, the cross is available in 5 different colors. Vesselcarries a full supply of the crosses, and you can purchase them here. Interested in purchasing a supply of the crosses?

All crosses on this site are reduced 5% over retail.

Check out all the individual styles & costs below:

Also available: ABaker's Dozen + 1!

 $228.00(That's 14 for the cost of 12 - 5%).

After you review the different ways you can use the cross for your church or organization, please email Vesselwith which cross styles number of each you choose, and then place your order here. $228.00 (You save $38.00)

There are many ways the cross is being used. Here are a few:

  • hospital visit gifts in lieu of flowers
  • for comfort in death and dying
  • use during chemo treatment
  • as a solace to those in grief
  • for use by those kicking a drug or alcohol habit
  • graduation gifts
  • confirmation gifts
  • hundreds of other original ideas

Wood Grain

Tortoise Shell


Black Ebony


White Agate



Clinging Cross Pendant

Necklace - $14.00

Gray Marble



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