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2023 "The Word in Real Time" special offer: 

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The Word in Real Time

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The Word in Real Time

Following the International Bible Society's plan for reading the Bible through in a year (some Old Testament, some New, and a Psalm or Proverb each day), The Word in Real Time presents a daily devotional for each day of the year taken from that specific day's reading. The book includes 28 interactive pages for reflection and personal prayers.

Clinging Cross Pewter Necklace

$13.95 + Postage 


This popular necklace is a replica of the Clinging Cross.  It is made of pewter on an adjustable cord.  Teenagers LOVE this!

O Ye Jigs & Juleps!

This hilarious little book by Virginia Hudson (an eleven year old girl in the late 1800s) was a New York Times best seller in the '60s. Now, out of print.

Temporarily OUT OF STOCK.

Reflection Profiles Student - $4.50

The Reflection Profiles student book accompanies the Leader's Guide with the identical 12 Old Testament character studies. It contains an abbreviated lesson with questions and answers to prepare ahead of time and bring to class for group discussion.


The Clinging Cross

From Tidings of Love, this cross is made to fit ANY palm. Many people use it for prayer time, dealing with a tragedy, while taking chemo, when breaking a habit like alcohol or drugs. Each cross comes in a nice gift box.

$17.95 + postage

You Might Be a Pastor's Wife If... $9.95

In this delightful little book, Kathy blends her sense of humor with day-to-day events of parsonage life. Since Kathy is both a pastor's daughter and a pastor's wife, this book was a natural for her. The book has 100 hilarious pages and cartoons; if you've ever lived in the parsonage, you're guaranteed to laugh. Forward by Dr. Stan Toler.

Reflection Profiles

Leader - $18.00

Reflection Profiles includes lessons about common OT characters such as King David, and rare ones such as Abinadab. Leader's Guide includes:         

12 complete Bible lessons, student workbook answers, lessen reflections, and discussion starters. 

Walking through Life without Stumbling


Kathy blends her storytelling & scripture insight to create an honest and vulnerable sharing of life experiences. You'll laugh at the Smithsonian Chair and the Hooterville Express, and.cry at the messages from them. 


Little House in the Arctic

This is the true story of Kathy's childhood in Fairbanks during the Korean War. It is a story of adventure, travel, and history. This book will capture your attention from the first page. It is truly a page turner, and thousands are now in circulation. It includes a glossary, index, and 12 pages of vintage color photos.

Little House in the Rain Forest

After Kathy's family lived in the arctic region of Fairbanks for five years, they moved to Juneau in Alaska's SE rain forest. This book is a continuation of The Little House in the Arctic. It, too, is filled with unbelievable adventures and drama. It includes 12 full fintage color pages also.

Rendezvous with Majesty

At the requests of 1,000s of Alaskan cruisers, in 2007 Kathy published this 32 page full color book about Alaska's glaciers. It answers the 12 most asked glacier questions glaciers; then it features the unbelievable Hubbard Glacier and the spectacular College Fjord--two of the most remarkable spots on the entire planet.

A Children's Book from Kathy Slamp
This is Kathy's first book written especially for pre-schoolers and early readers.
A Picnic at the Glacier
A Picnic at the Glacier is written for pre-school and early readers. It stars Josh and Maddy and their adven-tures near one of Alaska's stunning glaciers. In this 32 page book, Josh and Maddy enjoy a rare, sunny day at a glacier where they encounter a Mother black bear with her cubs, salmon in a rushing river, a bald eagle soaring in the sky, Alaskan mosquitoes, AND humpback whales. Illustrated by graphic artist, Joan Coleman, it is a beautiful book, both entertaining and educational. Kids love it!   Order your copy today. Buy Now
$10.95 - Shipping is FREE!
See sample pages below:
Josh & Maddy's house
A shocked Josh & Maddy
Mother Bear and her two cubs


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Three years ago, we returned from five amazing years in Africa. During these years we visited Ethiopia, Rwanda Madagascar, Namibia, S Africa, Malawi, Uganda, Swaziland, Cote d' Avoire, Ghana, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, the Congo, Lesota, Liberia, and Mozambique. This has been a blessing beyond measure. Africa has changed our lives, and we will never be the same. addition to retreat and special event speaking, I am also speaking for mission services & Faith Promise Conventions.

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