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The Church Office:  Ministry or Madness?  

If you have hosted the workshop, the next step is The Five Star Church Office

Whether you are a part time volunteer in a mid-sized or small church, a full time large church administrative assistant, or the only person in the church office, this one's for you! Written by an experienced church office worker and a pastor's wife, this seminar is a WINNER! The cost of this amazing day will pay for itself many times over.

The most overlooked area of ministry is the church office and its workers. These workers usually work in a vacuum and seldom have an opportunity for professional development. Vessel Ministries has presented this popular "niche" seminar over 40 times in nearly 40 cities.  Administrative assistants, pastors, staff members, and volunteers all benefit from this informative and inspirational day. Most common suggestion from participants: "Make this seminar longer." If you are looking for something to honor, encourage, educate, train, and challenge your pastors and church office workers, this day will do it.

Previously presented in 36 Cities: Anaheim, Annapolis, Atlanta, Boise (2), Charleston, WV, Chicago, Cincinnati, Colorado Springs, Columbus, Dallas, Dayton, Denver (2) , Des Moines, Dover, Honolulu, Houston, Kansas City, Little Rock, Long Beach, Lynchburg, Memphis, Milwaukee, OR, Okla. City, Pasadena,CA, Portland, OR (2), Richmond, VA, San Antonio, San Francisco area (3), San Marcos, TX, Seattle (5), Sutherlin, OR, Tulsa, Vancouver, WA, Virginia Beach, Wichita (3) Williamsburg, & Johannesburg, S. Africa.

Call today to schedule a seminar in your area: (316) 204-1234 or (541) 858-1777, or email:

Office resources offered at this seminar include:

Mastering Women's Ministeries - Kathy Slamp.
Instant Church Office, a pastor's resource of forms/letters - Dr.Stan Toler.
How to Develop a Church Office Policy Manual - Gary McIntosh.
How to Supervise Church Staff & Volunteers - Dr. Walt Lacey.
Church Operations Manual - Dr. Stan Toler

What you will study throughout the workshop!

  • The Church Office is a Ministry
  • The Church Office is Unique
  • Understanding Church Politics
  • Work Place Expectations
  • Working with Other Staff Members
  • Developing a Procedures Manual
  • Staying Current with Office Procedures
  • Ministering to Difficult People
  • Understanding the Biblical Perspective of Authority
  • Working with Volunteers
  • And MUCH more!!!
Iowa Lutheran Ch. Office Seminar
In Sept. 2008, over 100 met in Ankenny, IA
(near Des Moines) for an absolutely great seminar.
Roger Curtis and his committee did an outstanding job orchestrating the day. And, the people of St. Paul's Lutheran were gracious hosts.
The Re-assembled Little Man! This is a great corporate lesson in the power of our words.
SE Missouri Synod Lutheran
We met in Oct. 2006 in Williamsburg, VA. As a gift to the participants, they hosted a special colonial dinner in Old Williamsburg. It was great!

WV United Methodist
We met in Oct. 2007 at the Blessed Pope John XXIII Catholic Con. Center in Charleston, WV. It was a beautiful spot and day.


Below is only a suggested way that you can make this day possible. Many groups merely pay the presenter a flat fee plus transportation and housing. Then, on their end, they decide what costs work. When approaching funding the day, there are many creative ways that it can come about. Vessel Ministries will work with your group in fashioning a method that is mutually agreeable.

1. Single Offer: $79.00 - One person

2. Double Offer: $149.00 - Two people from the same church.

3. Triple Offer: $219.00 - Three from the same church.

4. Best Offer: $299.00 - Four or more from the same church.


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