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Sunday evening  the 17th of April, I received a phone call from the care center where my husband is and they told me that he had had some kind of an episode and they were thinking it was a stroke.  So I left immediately and drove over there. The decision was made to call 911.  A CAT scan at the E.R. did not show anything, except the two small brain bleeds he had acquired from two bad falls the past week or two.  They then transported him back to the care center.

On Monday afternoon the Hospice nurse called me and said that she felt he was dying. He could not swallow nor speak.

So I went over to him and he was almost comotose and could not be roused.  I was thinking about everything that would have to be done if he passed.  People would ask me how I was and I could not tell them.  I did not know 'how I was', yet.

Tuesday I went back over to spend the day with him.  His son Mike came in around 4:00 to see his dad.  I mentioned to him that I had heard that one of the five brothers was going to fly in on Friday.  He wanted to know how I knew that....well, the hospice nurse had called to tell Mike about his dad, and told him to tell the brothers if any of them had questions to call her.  Bill had called her and told her he was flying down.  And she in turn told me.  Then Mike told me that my husbands's brother was also flying in on Friday. 

My daughter asked for three days off the week after Easter thinking we would have a lot of planning for a funeral, etc.

On Wednesday a.m. when I arrived at the care center one of the staff saw me and called me over all excited. "Bernie is back" she told me and that he wanted to get up and was hungry.  He got a shower and they fed him some pureed food. He truly is the 'come back kid', as we've begun calling him.  All of the staff were overjoyed as they dearly love him.

My younger daughter decided to bring over her little almost 3 yr. old son to see Papa Bernie, and of course he wanted an i-keem cone...So he and Papa Bernie ate i-keep cones together.....God allowed a wonderful time for little Haven to make a wonderful memory with his Papa bernie.

On Thursday I went over and there he was sitting in his wheelchair with the group listening to a pianist!  I saw the Hospice nurse and the doctor that comes to the facility.  The nurse said, "I just can't explain this!  I've never seen anything like it. He just popped up like a daisy!!"  then she added, "He is our Easter miracle!".  

Now God could take him home just any day, or a week from now or a month.....but what a wonderful thing this miracle has been to many, many people.

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