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So excited!!!

Hi Kathy!! I was so excited to come across a photo you had posted when you were in Middlesboro, KY!! That is where all of my dad's family is from! It is such a small little town, it surprised me that you found your way there! How kewl is that!!! Hope you enjoyed your stay there! I really enjoy seeing all your beautiful photos. You are truly blessed to be able to visit so many of God's beautiful creations!!!!! Love and prayers to you!

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New Vessel Introduction Added

In an effort to update and keep this website and keep it current, I have recently added a new introduction on the Home Page of the website. …


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2012 Northwest Ministry Conference in Seattle

This weekend was the 7th (or 8th) year in a row that I've been privileged to present at the Northwest Ministry Conference in Seattle, Washington.  This is the largest conference of its kind in the US, and over 3,000 people attend.  There are dozens of workshops and fabulous worship sessions.  Once again, Vessel was asked to present a full day pre-session for Church Office workers.  And, as we've done for all the years, our booth was…


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Easter week miracle

Sunday evening  the 17th of April, I received a phone call from the care center where my husband is and they told me that he had had some kind of an episode and they were thinking it was a stroke.  So I left immediately and drove over there. The decision was made to call 911.  A CAT scan at the E.R. did not show anything, except the two small brain bleeds he had acquired from two bad falls the past week or two.  They then transported him back to the care center.

On Monday afternoon…


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A "Thank You"

With this being the Resurrection season, I have been very busy  getting much done for the congregations at the church where i work. I don't like to use that as an excuse for not writing a thank you to Kathy Slamp for the wonderful seminar held recently in Portland, but truly, it is my reason, along with bad new regarding my own health. [What to they know! :)]

But I walked away from that seminar with a notebook filled with ideas, other new thought, and a desire to serve the three…


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Thanks for praying.  Let me give you all an update, so you can continue to pray with purpose.


Today was a follow-up appointment for the CT scan I had done last week.  It was not what I had anticipated.  As the oncologist shared, they were trying to diagnose a lesion found on my kidney, when that hasn't come to the forefront as the major issue. 

The abdominal pain that I have been experiencing is a result of fluid in the abdomen, as well as thickening of the…


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The Clinging Cross

        The Clinging Cross

About five years ago, Tidings of Love created the Clinging Cross. Since then, this simple little cross that fits anyone's hand has been a source of comfort for 1,000s of men and women.…


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Update and Prayer Request

Many thanks to those who have been praying for me.  Recently, I read in Jesus Calling, Relax in my Healing Presence.  That has been such a good reminder for me during these days.

Because of suspected infection, my maintenance chemo for Ovarian Cancer was put on hold.  I was concerned about this, but now can see it has been for a purpose.  A dental problem developed, which could not have been treated had I been receiving chemo. …


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Prayer Request

I would like to request prayers for my health.  I know that prayer is a strong tool in our arsenal to fight the evil that is happening in our lives and it has already proven to help me with some of my medical issues.  I have been diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and nonspecific interstitial pnuemonitis.  They are both idiopathic (no known cause) and are running independently yet simultaneously.  As a result of one of the medications I have been taking, I now have cataracts that are…


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Prayer request for a very close friend who is 35 years old, Alcoholism, Multiorgan failure

Please pray for my friend Chad, He was admitted to the hospital 4 days ago, His organs are failing, If he can just stay away from the alcohol, they say he might be okay, Please pray for his recovery, and that he can stay away from drinking, He has alot of heartache going on in his life that he needs to let go of so he can get back on the right track.


Thanks everyone


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Prayer for my sister Jeanette

Please pray for my sister Jeanette, She has Schlermoderman, This disease an autoimmune untreatable disease,  Right now she is in alot of pain and very hard for her to get around alot, Right now the doctors are putting her through transfusions 1 week out of each month, trying to slow it down, I know the right thing to do is put this in the Lord's hands cause I know he has all the right answers.


Thank you

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Prayer request for my daughter Amanda

I would like to request a prayer request for my daughter, she is going to be having her first baby any day now. I would just like to ask for prayer so things go smoothly for Amanda and baby Hana. Thank you

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My Prayer for Bev


I pray that God's healing presence will be with you. Medications can be so tricky, but God knows every cell in your body and is attentive to your needs. He will see you through this time of uncertainty and discomfort. I know he will. Your faith is strong! Take time to rest! You are permitted to do so during this time of healing.

Merilyn Thompson

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Feb. 2010 Newsletter

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New Alaska Kids' Book by Kathy Slamp

Brand New Children's Book from Kathy Slamp…

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Jan. 2010 Newsletter


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Christmas Thoughts 2009

Recently, I stood near a hill at the edge of Jerusalem. Just five miles or less from where I stood is the village of Bethlehem. At the time of Christ's birth, Bethlehem was a small villege, but now it is a political hotbed in the "West Bank." I stood looking over a huge man-made wall that has been recently erected between Bethlehem and Jerusalem--a wall built specifically to keep people from crossing into Jerusalem from Bethlehem. Sadly, for the… Continue

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Dec. 2009 Newsletter


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Nov. 2009 Newsletter

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Africa Volunteer Mission: Jan. 2013 -April 2022

At the present time, I am booking engagements for  Spring 2023 I'd love to add your event to this itinerary.  Please contact me and we will work together.

Three years ago, we returned from five amazing years in Africa. During these years we visited Ethiopia, Rwanda Madagascar, Namibia, S Africa, Malawi, Uganda, Swaziland, Cote d' Avoire, Ghana, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, the Congo, Lesota, Liberia, and Mozambique. This has been a blessing beyond measure. Africa has changed our lives, and we will never be the same. addition to retreat and special event speaking, I am also speaking for mission services & Faith Promise Conventions.

Check out Kathy here:

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Alaska, Africa, Israel, Thailand, China, Montenegro, and more added regularly.  



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