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Brand New Children's Book from Kathy Slamp
This is Kathy's first book written especially for pre-schoolers and early readers.
A Picnic at the Glacier
You've asked for it for years, and here it is! Be one of the first to purchase Kathy's first children's book. A Picnic at the Glacier is written for pre-school and early readers. It stars Josh and Maddy and their adventures near one of Alaska's stunning glaciers. In this 32 page book, Josh and Maddy enjoy a rare, sunny day at a glacier. Here they encounter a Mother black bear with her cubs, salmon in a rushing river, a bald eagle soaring in the sky, Alaskan mosquitoes, AND humpback whales. Illustrated by Joan Coleman, a graphic artist who works for Disney, it is a beautiful book, both entertaining and educational. Kids of all ages will love this book. It is being released this week; order your copy today.Buy Now
$10.95 with FREE intro. shipping offer!
See sample pages below:

Josh & Maddy's house
A shocked Josh & Maddy
Mother Bear and her two cubs

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