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January 2010
Christmas with P & B
Heaven in a Child
The Pharisees simply would not leave Jesus alone. Many followed Him because they were amazed by His teaching and miracles. It's safe to assume that the Pharisees followed as well because they always seemed to be in the crowd. Their intentions were to make Jesus look stupid or to ambush Him with scripture. Jesus was sharp and Jesus was wise! He couldn't be "caught." He either taught in parables or answered their questions with scripture. A pretty good example for us today, don't you think?
One particular day, the Pharisees just about wore Jesus out asking about divorce and marriage. At last He escaped and attempted to spend some time with the children. I'm sure Jesus thought that a little time spent with kids could be rejuvenating and mind-settling after all the posturing of the Pharisees. Most likely the disciples were trying to protect Jesus, but they didn't get it. Of all people, you would think they would have been glad to see Jesus sit down and play with kids. Yet, they tried to turn the parents with kids away from Him. The disciples' intentions were good, but their comprehension of the Kingdom of God was shallow.
That day by the shore of Galilee Jesus taught us all an important lesson. Heaven is in a child! We see heaven in the sparkle of their eyes as they experience nature's wonders. We experience heaven in the sincerity and naivete of their questions and the open honesty of their belief system. We see heaven in the purity of their lives and their unmarred potentional for good. Christmas is a recent memory. Many of us have had the fun and privilege of spending time with precious grandchildren. What a treat! Be honest! You're like me: you loved every minute of it! Are you bogged down with the Phariseees in your life? Spend a little time with a child.
(You guessed it! Above picture is Christmas morning with our grandsons, Preston & Braeden Slamp).

Start your New Year in the Word

Rendezvous with MajestyThe Word in Real Time is the perfect way to begin the New Year. Each day there is a reading from the OT, NT, and Psalms or Pro. The daily devotional comes from that day's reading. There are monthly interactive pages to record your reflections on each passing month as well as your prayers for the upcoming month. An absolutely awesome way to stay in the word in 2010 while making the Word relevant to your life.
Buy NowRegular cost: $19.95 (+S/H)2010 New Year special: $17.50 (+S/H)

A 70th Anniversary!

70th Anniversary
On Dec. 25, my parents (Rev. J Melton & Letitia Thomas) celebrated 70 years! Sunday, Dec. 27 we got together in Nampa, ID for a most unusual time. This was especially amazing since a year ago Mother was at death's door. In a climate where many marriages are failing, this is quite a heritage. David & I celebrated 45 two weeks earlier.
BR: David, Dana Slamp, Scott & Linda Slamp, niece Letitia, sister-in-law, Linda. FR: Yours truly, Mom and Dad , brother Steve Thomas. Jackson and family were not able to come because of his illness.

New Vessel Website Format

This past weekend, we launched the brand new Vesselwebsite format. So far, the response is OVERWHELMING. In the first 48 hrs. nearly 150 interested people joined this new "social network" website. The site allows you to visit me personally, and it gives you an opportunity to connect with others as well. It's similiar to FaceBook. If you haven't visited the new site yet, please do! You will LOVE it. Just click theVessel icon, and you're there.
The Alaska site is also upgraded. The pictures of ports-of-call, animals, glaciers, friends, etc. are All rearranged. Check out the Alaska site, too.

2010 New Year's Special

Possibly one of the moRendezvous with Majestyst challenging passagess in the Bible is the short "Prayer of Jabez." Bruce Wilkinson has captured this stirring prayer from I Chronicles in his classic little book. If you want to "expand your borders" in 2010, this book will stir your spirit and help allign your priorities with the Word. (Offer good while supply lasts).
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The Clinging Cross

The Clinging Cross Rendezvous with Majesty(from TOL) continues its popularity. These crosses fit any hand and are an encouragement and help to 100s. Get yours today, or purchase one as a gift for someone who needs a lift.$18.00 (+SH) Buy Now
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As we begin 2010, I want to thank each of you for your support and prayers for Vessel Ministries. Vessel couldn't exist without you! God bless you each one. This spring and fall, I have a few openings. If your group needs a speaker, or if you know someone who does, I appreciate so much your calls and referrals. This is God's ministry, and He continues to open doors for ministry. I look foward to seeing you around the country sometime this year.
Your friend
Kathy Slamp
Vessel Ministries (316) 204-1234 or (541) 858-1777

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Comment by Dorothy Aragon on January 10, 2010 at 6:28pm
Kathy I just got a copy of your book Walking through life without stumbling over yourself yesterday in the mail. Thank you so much for the book and for signing it. That is awesome! I appreciate it so much and I will start reading the book tomorrow. I am excited and can't wait to start reading and learning. Thank you for sharing God's treasures with me. Dorothy

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